Guaranteed Service

We're Setting the New Standard for On-Time Delivery. GUARANTEED.
One of the keys to the success of Southeastern Freight Lines has been the exceptional level of service provided for our customers. Southeastern's delivery options respond to your changing needs, while maintaining our position of delivering unmatched service excellence.
Complete shipping flexibility is now available through a series of guaranteed delivery alternatives. Whatever you need – next day delivery, early morning delivery, or even same-day or day-early delivery - Southeastern Freight Lines can give you exactly what you need… Guaranteed.
Noon Guaranteed service assures delivery of your shipment by 12:00 pm for standard transit on LTL shipments up to 10,000 lbs. This service is available to most direct zip codes for only $75.00. Please use the query below to verify a destination zip code or contact your local service center. Write "noon guarantee" on your bill of lading and alert the driver and he will handle the rest. If the zip code is not pre-approved for this service, please call 866-733-5733 and a Guaranteed Facilitator will provide you our best price for delivery to any zip code for any requested time.
Check Noon Guarantee Availability

Southeastern's Excelerated Guaranteed Day service will guarantee delivery of your shipment by 5:00PM on the normally scheduled service day. For example, normal transit time from Atlanta, GA to Memphis, TN is next day. When you select Guaranteed Day service, we guarantee the shipment will be delivered next day by 5:00PM. It couldn't be simpler. Just schedule your normal pickup service and advise our driver that you have a shipment that needs to be guaranteed to deliver on our normal transit day. The driver will add a sticker to your bill of lading and also place a special label on the shipment to assure our execution. The fee for this added service will be a $40 flat fee for shipments in Southeastern Freight Lines' direct service area, but weigh less than 10,000 lbs.
(For Noon Delivery & Guaranteed Day)
Call 866.733.5733 if your shipment:
  • Is greater than 10,000 lbs.
  • Is over 12' in length
  • Requires a lift-gate or other special equipment
  • Is convention destination
  • Delivers to residential address
  • Is restricted by a conflicting appointment
  • Blind shipments
  • Airport pick-ups and deliveries
  • In Bond shipments
  • Shipments requiring more than 12’ of trailer space
  • Late pick-ups
  • Inside deliveries
  • Originating from or destined to a non-direct point
  • The island of Puerto Rico
  • Originating from or destined to Mexico
Southeastern Freight Lines has maintained a reputation of on-time delivery that sets the standard for the industry, and we've built that reputation over a half-century of service to our customers. Southeastern's Excelerated service gives you all the options your organization needs to compete in today's constantly changing business climate.
When your customer must receive a delivery by a specific time, you need a carrier that can guarantee it will be there. When the pressure is on call toll free 866-733-5733 and our Guaranteed Service Facilitator will be there to help. Just tell us where the shipment must be delivered and by what hour. We will quickly confirm the schedule with the delivering service center and call you back within 20 minutes with a price quote and our service commitment. With your approval on our bill of lading, the Facilitator will schedule the pickup and coordinate the needed delivery schedule.
eShipping Exchange is the ultimate delivery option. This rapid response delivery alternative will ensure your shipment arrives at its destination as quickly as surface transportation possibly can. Simply call eShipping Exchange at 888-416-4042 with the details to request Guaranteed Day Early service, and you'll have a quote within 20 minutes. There's no simpler method of guaranteed, hassle-free shipping when the shipment must move faster than normal transit schedules – or even same-day delivery.
  • Fastest transit times
  • Exact time of pick-up and delivery recorded
  • Dedicated staff for Southeastern Excelerated service
All of us at Southeastern Freight Lines pride ourselves with on-time delivery performance. We stand behind our commitments and Southeastern Excelerated Services are guaranteed to be on time for you or you don't pay the freight charge. If we can't meet the time window for delivery, we will tell you so up front, explain why and offer our fastest delivery option.
  • Acts of God or unforseen situations (e.g. weather related, road closures, evacuations, Covid 19) that prevent delivery will void guarantee. The upcharge will be removed. We will complete the delivery as soon as conditions allow.
Note: Please notice we have added Covid 19 shipments to our list of “Acts of God.”
At times, the unexpected occurs and traditional transit times will not suffice. Through our part ownership with the eShipping Exchange, we are a full solution provider throughout the supply chain. We now have the ability to help with all modes of transportation, making Southeastern Freight Lines your complete solution.
  • Parcel
  • LTL/Quickship
  • Full Truck Load
  • International/Air
  • Domestic Expedited
  • TMS Solution
Regardless of shipment size, vehicle type, delivery requirement, 24/7/365 coverage or other special needs, eShipping Exchange will provide the solution to fit the need. Simply call or email for a quote.
Columbia, SC Dallas, TX
(888) 416-4042 (214) 613-0408

Whatever your shipping needs, Southeastern Freight Lines will deliver.
"In a business world of hospitality, installers, and deadlines, time is often a critical key to success. At AH Enterprises, we align ourselves only with companies that can help us meet our customers demanding requirements.

For this reason, we call on Southeastern Freight Lines' Guaranteed Service on all of our emergency shipments.
Southeastern's reliability in delivering to our installers on time is so reliable that they have become a common business practice in the way we do business. When we know the timeliness of a shipment is a MUST, we feel confident in calling on Southeastern Freight Lines' Guaranteed Service to get the job done."
Mrs. Roberta Clark
AH Enterprises