Web Connect and Pickup REST Service

WebConnect For Pickup Inquiry
Inquire on a pickup via WebConnect
You may enter a single pickup request number via the requestNumber parameter
output=XML returns an XML document otherwise the request will be redirected to a webpage
Pickup Web Service
Southeastern Freight Lines provides a web service that allows partners to send HTTP requests
to automatically submit pickups. To use this service, you must have a MYSEFL account with an account number.
To sign up for a MYSEFL account: request an ID and password.
General REST Service Information
The SEFL pickup service uses a REST architecture to expose an endpoint that will accept a JSON body and parse it to submit a pickup request.

To use this service, send an HTTP POST request to the web service endpoint found below.
The web service will receive this request, validate it, and then return a response.
Service URL: http://www.sefl.com/pickup-web/api/pickup
Sample Pickup Requests
The following are JSON documents that contain example request/response bodies:
Developer Testing
Developers may test connection and login validation by sending an HTTP GET request to the following endpoint:
This will test the connection, perform server-side login validation, and return a success message without submitting an actual pickup request.
To validate an HTTP request without submitting a pickup request, include the developer flag in the request body with a value of true (see example request).
Request Headers
When creating a request, there are some required headers that are used for the validation process.

For validating MySEFL accounts, a header named shipper_account (all lowercase) is required.
The value of this header should be your unique account number.

For validating login credentials, a header named Authorization is required.
The value of this header should be a string containing 'Basic ' followed by a base 64 encoded string
containing your MySEFL username and password (use the format username:password).
Below is an object containing the required headers with example values:
    headers: {
        "Authorization" : "Basic dXNlcm5hbWU6cGFzc3dvcmQ=", 
        "Content-Type" : "application/json"
Error Responses
In the event that a required header is missing, or if the login validation fails, an empty HTTP response will be returned with a status of 401 - Unauthorized. The web service will return a response in all cases, however if an error occurs, the pickup request will not be scheduled. If a server error occurs, the response will contain a fault message.

In some cases, the request may not pass our internal validation, such as invalid zip code, invalid request date etc.. When this occurs, an error message will be returned that specifies which validation failed, for example:
        "message": "Invalid Pickup Requested Date, the date cannot be less than today's date",
        "response_code": "400"
Error Messages: Pickup REST Validation Errors.
Legacy Documentation
We recommend using the REST API, however if you have a system that specifically requires the SOAP service, the original documentation for that can be accessed by clicking this link.