Southeastern Freight Lines

Computer Support

We Deliver Service and Technology with Every Shipment™
Southeastern Freight Lines has incorporated technology into virtually every process in order to consistently provide you with timely and accurate information. From pick-up through delivery, our information network is designed to deliver Total Customer Satisfaction (TCS) with one of the industry's most technologically advanced customer support systems.
No matter how large or small your company, we have designed a customer support system that works for you.
Electronic Data Interchange (EDI)
Our EDI system interfaces a complete line of standard ANSI EDI formats with our mainframe computer to allow totally paperless shipping and invoicing. We will also customize the EDI transaction sets to put data in a format you can use.
Large Customers/Mainframe Support
Uses ANSI industry standards:
  • Bill of Lading - ANSI 211/204
  • Electronic Payment - ANSI 820
  • Freight Bill (Invoice) - ANSI 210
  • Pickup Request - ANSI 204/990, 216
  • Shipment Status - ANSI 214
Automated Fax Reports
A variety of shipment status reports can be automatically faxed to you each morning. Once you are set-up on this system, you may choose which shipment status report you wish to receive. Our computer then sends the report directly to your fax machine. You will have the information you need - automatically - at your fingertips.
CD's and Diskettes
With CD's and diskettes, Southeastern can provide rate scales, service points, transit times and a variety of monthly activity reports. This is just another way Southeastern Freight Lines' flexible customer support systems provide you with information in a format you can use.
Internet Access []
Southeastern's home page has been developed to provide a corporate profile, specific service information, and interactive features which allow direct access to our computer for tracing or document retrieval. In addition, your e-mail message will be transmitted directly to the service center or corporate department you designate.
This secure area of our Web site provides the customer access to advanced applications and reports that make it efficient and easy to do business with Southeastern Freight Lines. These applications utilize the customer's confidential information so we require registration in order to obtain a user name and password for access. One sign-on then gives users access to customer specific reports, electronic bills of lading, rate quotes, claims filing and Internet Invoicing. If you are interested in these services please go to MySEFL and register today.
Web Connect
Web Connect allows our customers to pull shipment information directly from our Web site into their company's Web page or information system(s). Using Web Connect they can trace a shipment, get a rate quote, access the routing guide, check a claim status or receive a Proof of Delivery. All these queries can be submitted without leaving their Web site. This is an inexpensive way for customers to expand their Web sites capabilities, therefore, providing better and faster service to their users. Click here to get more detailed information on Web Connect.

Bar coded pro labels are assigned to each shipment and are used to update our system as your freight moves from origin to destination.
The driver uses a hand-held computer to scan the bar coded pro label and to capture vital shipment information. The information is transmitted by our full range of on-board communications to our mainframe computer to provide time-specific shipment information.
Our optimum placement model uses the transmitted information to assign your shipment to the best available door. This reduces handling and improves origin cycle time.
While the shipments are being loaded to the correct trailer, the bills of lading are scanned into our document imaging system and transmitted to a central billing area where your freight bill is prepared.
By automatically applying your account information, which is stored in our mainframe computer, our format billing and rating systems reduce input errors.
Invoicing is just as easy if you're set up with internal rating capabilities.You can choose invoicing via paper, EDI, or self-invoicing.
Southeastern's drivers record vital shipment information in their handheld computers at the time of delivery. This time-specific delivery information can be accessed through any of our customer support systems.